Frequent Asked Questions


Schema or Catalog name can’t be null

This means that Schema or Catalog information could not be extracted from connection.
I this case you need to add options -s [schemaName] or -cat [catalogName]
In most cases for catalog you can use -cat %
In mysql you can use same as -db

“Cannot enlarge memory arrays” when using viz.js

According to viz.js documentation the memory is default 16MB this should be enough.
We have increased this to 64 MB if you receive this error, please report this to us.

I just receive a cryptic error like “ERROR - null”

The code has previously avoided to log stracktraces, we now log them but only when
-debug is used. So any cryptic error can be enhanced with stacktrace by running
SchemaSpy with the argument -debug



There have been lots of issue with graphviz and OSX
So install using brew brew install graphviz --with-librsvg --with-pango
Depending on OSX version
Older than High Sierra, add -renderer :quartz to the commandline
High Sierra or newer, add -renderer :cairo to the commandline